SEMA II Newsletter #1

Dear Sir or Madame,


we are happy to present you Sustainable Entrepreneurship based on Multifunctional Agriculture SEMA II Newsletter #1. The newsletter provides information about the project, its progression as well as findings and outcomes of the project. Additionally, we inform you about activities and events in the context of the SEMA II project implementation. This newsletter consist of the following sections:

  • SEMA II Consortium Partners
  • SEMA’s II aim & mission
  • Project Meetings


SEMA II Consortium Partners

To ensure applicability in the majority of situations of European farmers Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Spain and Belgium are looked at specifically in the SEMA II project. The project consortium consists of six organizations from 5 different EU countries  and demonstrates cooperation between new and old European Member States. A comprehensive partnership has been established, consisting of research and consulting organizations: Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences (WUELS), The Institute for Rural Development Research (IfLS), adult education organizations - Career Development and Integration (DEFOIN) and Association ARID, an European young farmer organization  - European Council of Young Farmers (CEJA), and an institute of ICT and education technologies - The Baltic Education Technology Institute (BETI).


SEMA’s II aim & mission

The SEMA II project addresses the nexus of multifunctional agriculture and the necessary entrepreneurial skills to young and family farmers. Therefore, the SEMA II project aims to provide high quality learning opportunities on multifunctional agriculture oriented entrepreneurial skills and capacities for European farmers, and increase competencies of trainers and facilitators of organizations relevant for agricultural training at a regional and local level. Specifically targeting young farmers and family farm managers, the capacity building approach offers opportunities for farmers beyond formal vocational training and further education at low cost and low entry thresholds. The project uses innovative ways of implementation through the combination of audio and video files with expert knowledge and best practices examples.


Project Meetings

The kick-off meeting of the SEMA II project was held on November 27th -28th, 2017 in Wrocław. The main aim of  the SEMA II kick-off meeting was to discuss details on work plan, task allocation and responsibilities of all partners in project implementation.

The second transnational project meeting of the SEMA II project was held on May 24th -25th, 2018 in Frankfurt.  The main aim of the meeting was to select issues that should be addressed in the prepared training materials focused on entrepreneurial skills in the area of multifunctional agriculture. Additionally, it was discussed details concerning detailed methodology and technique of audio and video materials in subject area, what will be written in the next issue of the newsletter.


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