2nd Transnational Partners Meeting in Frankfurt

Date of the Meeting: 24-25 May 2018

The second project meeting took place in Frankfurt am Main, Germany on May 24 th and 25 th. During the meeting, first, the partners discussed the subjects that should be addressed in the prepared training materials focus on entrepreneurial skills as described in the proposal of SEMA II. Ten topics were selected and divided between three institutions:
1. IfLs - Multifunctionality as a business approach for farmers (I), Innovation I (structured development of ideas) (V), Innovation II (structured development of a new approach) (VI), Alternative financing models for farmers (ethical investment, consumers participating in financing the production of their food…) (VII)
2. WUELS - Business planning (II), Business management (III), Marketing and promoting products (IV).
3. DEFOIN – Networking (VIII), Communication (IX) and Time management (X). It was also decided that the prepared audio and video materials for each of the terms should not be longer than 5 minutes and will be prepared in the form of interviews with selected experts in subject area. As the next point the partners discussed on interview programme structure for experts and case studies. Therefore in this part of the meeting participants focus on selection and methods of preparation case studies. Partners decided that the main criteria for case studies should be good-practice examples of successful multifunctional farming from 13 countries and selected various forms of multifunctional farming that will be presented in the case studies should help learners / training participants to identify potential pathways to achieve success in their own cases. It has been set that partners from Poland, Germany and Spain will prepare 8 case studies each while CEJA provide 15 examples and they will send them for final selection by IfLS to cover the widest range of topics included in multifunctional agriculture.